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    in the jungle

    All Thailand Experiences
    Thailand Jungle Adventure

    Our guides have lived with the jungle for decades
    and know of its importance for us, the wildlife, and other hill tribes.

    We need the jungle for harvesting herbs, spices,
    medicines, fruits, berries,mushrooms, and vegetables.

    We know of its rewards as well as it's dangers.

    "Offering more than Tours and Adventures, we offer Experiences"

    Sharing Thai Culture and Nature in a Meaningful and Responsible Way Since 1990.

    Please take notice that any text that is underlined is clickable to more information.
    Why we do tours and adventures Why we are different Our eco-culture-nature friendly policies

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    Trekking through the jungle can be a wonderful experience or it can be a nightmare. If your guide has little or no experience it could wind up a disaster. The environmental impact of taking people in the jungle must also be taken into consideration.

    We do private treks with a maximum of six in a trek. We visit a particular area only once every three weeks so the jungle can recover. We do not cut down trees or leave anything behind to pollute. We will provide guides from our family and from the surrounding area for your safety and comfort on this great adventure.

    We bring trees along to plant near the villages so the villagers can take care of them. This lowers your carbon foot print.

    Our 4 Day/3 Night All Inclusive Jungle Adventure


    You will depart Chiang Mai at 9 am by private vehicle and travel north of Chiang Mai. Along the way we will stop at a local market to purchase food needed for the trip. We will arrive at a beautiful quiet Lahu village where we have our lunch before we start hiking for about 4 hours in old growth forest trail with tall trees and beautiful vistas to another village and overnight.


    This morning after an all you can eat breakfast of toast, jam, eggs, fruit, coffee, and tea we start our journey. Your guide will purchase a live chicken to take along for dinner tonight. We will hike up into the mountains passing colorful hill tribe people working their Tea fields on almost vertical slopes. We will then follow a stream passing many waterfalls as we enter the jungle. We will stop many times to harvest wild fruits and berries along with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, herbs and spices. Your guide will explain the many medical uses for some of the plants growing wild in the jungle.
    [harvesting wild berries]
    We will stop at a waterfall to enjoy a hearty lunch the guides brought along for us. One of the guides will travel ahead of us to spot colorful birds, orchids, wild flowers, butterflies, and interesting wildlife to show to us. Around three or four in the afternoon we will reach our camp site where we will spend the evening. Our guides will place banana leaves on a bamboo frame that will be our hut for sleeping. All cups, rice bowls, chopsticks, spoons, and cooking utensils will be made out of bamboo. The rice will be wrapped in banana leaves and placed in bamboo. Vegetables and spices harvested from the jungle and food brought along with us will be placed in bamboo tubes for cooking. Chicken is placed on bamboo sticks and cooked over the fire. While the guides are preparing your delicious dinner, you can freshen up at a nearby waterfall. Dinner is served by candle light.
    [making a glass] [making a hut]


    After a hearty breakfast we continue through the jungle for a 4 hour hike to our primitive bamboo bungalow in the forest.We will arrive in time for lunch then walk 10 minutes to a waterfall where you can relax for a while or take a swim. The back to the bungalow where you can make your own cups and bowls from bamboo, your guide will instruct you. You will then learn to prepare and cook Thai food for dinner. Dinner and overnight here at the bungalow. Cold beer and soft drinks are available for purchase to drink around the camp fire.

    Day Four

    This morning after a nice breakfast we walk along a stream for 3 hours to a nice village where you will visit the school and have lunch. Our vehicle will meet us here for the ride back to Chiang Mai and your hotel or guest house.

    See more jungle trekking photos


    October. 16, 2010
    We all had a GREAT time on our 3-day, 2-night trek!. The trek with All Thailand Experiences was our favorite part of our spring break trip. We had a BLAST All-Thai was very accommodating and helpful for our group of 13 American students (which we split into 2 groups for the trek).My group's guides were awesome. They could both communicate with us well and were a lot of fun. The younger local trail expert was a big goofball and we had a ton of fun with him. They taught us some Thai words and played little games with us at night and whatnot. Also, it was really cool making bamboo cups and that kind of stuff. I heard that the other group also really enjoyed their guides. The food was EXCELLENT and we had PLENTY of it. That was awesome, especially considering that my group had 7 guys in it. The caves and waterfalls were really cool. The waterfalls (our group saw 3, were a great way to cool off and have some fun. Hiking wise, the first and last days were exactly what I was expecting (through jungle on narrow little paths and such). The second day was great because we were able to get tons of spectacular views and pictures, but the hiking was less intense. I am not disappointed in the hiking aspect of it because we got a good mix of both intense and great views. The villages were a great experience, as well. We had a good time at both of them, especially the second one (2nd for my group--the one with all the little kids) because we played with the little kids a TON. It was interesting to see a little bit of how they live and the condition/style of their villages. It was also nice that we did not end up being harassed by villagers trying to sell us things or anything like that. Overall, we all thought the trip was WELL worth it. Also, the help of Nui, the manager, who got us our train tickets and booked our hostel for the last night was EXTREMELY appreciated. Thank you for giving us SUCH a great experience. You will definitely be recommended to the group coming to Australia (and hopefully visiting Thailand) next year. I will put a review on the site, as well.
    Thanks again, Eric Herbert

    Sept.3, 2010
    I would like to thank you for an absolutely incredible trekking experience. We enjoyed our time in northern Thailand greatly, and will have memories of the hill tribe villagers an the jungles surrounding Chiang Mai for years to come. Our two guides were the best we could have ever hoped for and worthy of every recommendation given them in the future. Let them know that we appreciated their help and company immensely. Thank you very much, Randy, and all three of us wish you and All-Thailand Experiences the best of luck in the future.
    Sincerely, Andrew, Nick, and Andy

    Read all the comments from those who have toured with us.

    Because we do only private tours and soft adventures we need to ask a few questions.
    After you fill out the form below we will reply with a detailed itinerary and price.
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    I would like Overnight train tickets
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    Please let us know when you plan to be in Thailand and how many days along with any other interests in Thailand not mentioned above and any questions you may have in the box below.

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